Almaty held unique horse show



8-9 October, Almaty Chamberlain club hosted the first International Horse Exhibition KazEqui-2016 and the horse show. The organizers want to make the exhibition an annual event, reports.


Taking care of the needs of animals is particularly important in breeding of thoroughbred horses, with pedigree. For the first time in Kazakhstan under KazEqui-2016, a show of Arabian horses was held. The audience was shown graceful animals, elements of exercises, their bearing, head posture, and behavior.




Nubian Arabian stallion


As the head of the show – chairman of the National Society of Arabian horses (Moscow) and the project Saint-Petersburg International Cup, Igor Bochkarev said, breeding Arabian horses is not just a hobby, but also a promising, albeit time-consuming business. An example of successful investment and pride of Almaty club Chamberlain is a Nubian stallion, a winner of the championship show in Europe and three-time champion of Russia that was used as for breeding in the Netherlands and Russia, and whose progeny win prizes in various championships around the world.


In Kazakhstan so far only enthusiasts arrange horse shows , said Igor Bochkarev, hoping that interest in them will be growing in the country.


During the show in Almaty a mini-performance "Legends of the prairies" was made, and the visitors had an opportunity to sit round an Indian fire. Children took part in interactive games, with archery and throwing the lasso. The "Indian" program was brought to the southern capital by Alexey Berkov (St-Petersburg, Russia), master of Natural Horsemanship, adopted son of the Apache tribe and author of the book "Horses in the culture and life of the Great Plains’ Indians." The legends of the Prairies was a theatrical performance in the arena, telling of "natural methods" of interaction with horses.







Xenia Voronina